Alternity Investment Advisors primarily employs a ‘Fee Only’ compensation structure. We are paid a flat annual percentage rate for invested assets under advisement. Unlike some other financial institutions, we do not make commissions or accept compensation for product sales for assets invested with Alternity. We do not charge additional fees for consultation or for spending additional time with our clients because we do not want clients to feel hesitant in communicating with us. Our compensation structure aligns our interests with our clients’ interests and provides us with an incentive when client portfolio goals and objectives are met. This also helps us in alleviating conflicts of interest that exist when sales fees and transactional commissions are paid, as we do not accept those types of compensations. We provide full transparency in our advisory fee so that all clients know exactly what all fees will be, prior to investing. 

Investment Fees

Explanation of Fees

Our Compensation

Advisory Fee

This is an annual fee based on assets under advisement

This fee is the only way in which we are compensated for assets invested at Alternity

Transactional Fees

These are commission and transaction fees that are charged when execution occurs in an investment fund or individual investment. We do not accept transaction fees as compensation for assets invested at Alternity. 

Sales / Front Load Fees

These fees are paid to brokers by the client or by a given investment manager who the broker is raising client assets for. We do not accept Sales or Front Load Fees.

Consultation Fees

Consultation fees are paid to the advisor by the client for giving an   initial consultation or ongoing investment advice We do not accept Consultation fees