Today’s markets are like no other. Volatility is high and the unpredictability of macro-economic policies foster a dynamic range of emotion that can shift sentiment at any moment. With so much uncertainty among us, it is apparent so many are looking beyond traditional investment strategies towards a diversification with active and alternative solutions. 

At Alternity Investment Advisors, we approach the traditional investment advisory model with a completely new perspective. Our model consists of four fundamental beliefs: Active Money Management Consideration, the Separation of the Advisor and the Money Manager, the Alignment of Advisor and Client Interests, and Non-Captive Investment Opportunities.


Active Management

We advocate that a portion of all of our clients’ portfolios are considered for active money management. When client investments are a part of an asset class that experience unfavorable performance, some asset managers require the authority to attempt to manage risk by transferring capital to defensive positions, alternative positions, or simply into cash. This method, commonly known as Tactical Asset Management, could be an important diversification tool for certain investors seeking investment strategies for today’s market conditions.

Separation of Advisor and Manager

We utilize experienced Investment Managers who meet our client’s criteria. We deliver what we believe are the best of breed Investment Managers to manage and invest our client assets. Our relationship with our clients as ‘Advisor Only’ removes any conflict of interest that exists when your advisor is also your money manager. This simultaneously exposes client portfolios to experienced money management, while putting the client financial objectives first, before the interests of the advisor.

Aligned Interests

Our revenue is solely based on the value of our client’s portfolio. The only compensation we receive is from our annual advisory fee which is based on the value of our client’s portfolio. This aligns our interests with our clients’ interests and incentives us when their portfolio goals and objectives are met.

Independent, Non-Captive

We insist on being an Independent, Non-Captive Advisory firm. Every investor is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for their financial goals. In an effort to meet the needs of our client we have structured our firm as an independent, non-captive firm. Our independence allows us to find suitable investment products for our client, almost regardless of where that investment is held or who it is with.